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Ace Investigation Corp has provided top quality services to insurance companies and adjusters in need of investigative services.   We  provide  thorough  and conclusive  investigations build to cater to  your specific needs.   Our insurance services include:

Surveillance Services to Investigate the Following:
               • The Degree of Disability
               • Full Restrictions and Limitations
               •  Wearing of Medical Aids
               •  Ability in regards to Care giving and  Housekeeping  Activities
               •  Engagement of Daily Activities
               •  Psychological, Neuro-psychological and Psychiatric Observations
               •  Mode of Transportation
               •  Investigation of Employment Status
               •  Status and Surveillance Video available in VHS, DVD or CD format
               • Complete Statements and Interviews of Insured, Claimant, Witness, .................Caregiver, Housekeeper, Employer
               • Signed Statements Provided in Typed Format

Accident Reconstructions and Collision Analysis:
               •  Low Impact Collision Analysis
               •  Complete Major Accident Reconstruction
               •  Scene Inspection and Photographs
               •  Vehicle Inspection and Photographs
               •  Detailed Statements of Involved Parties and Witnesses
               •  Visual Statement Software for Enhanced Reporting

Activity Check and Inquiry Investigations:
               •  Past Accidents, Injuries, Disabilities, Claims
               •  Employment History
               •  Financial Background
               •  Credibility Issues
               •  Educational Background
               •  Family History
               •  Criminal Background

               •  Assets and/or Liabilities
               •  Credit History Reports
               •  Real Property Ownership
               •  Mortgages
               •  Liens
               •  Bankruptcy
               •  Company and/or Business Ownership
               •  Insurance History
               •  Lawsuits

               •  Property Locates -load thefts, stolen vehicles or
               •  Location on Persons including next of kin, witnesses etc.  

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