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Ace Investigation Corp offers superior corporate investigate services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our team of investigators has a proven track record in investigating various corporate issues ranging in severity and subject matter. Producing clear, concise and accurate results, Ace Investigation Corp produces timely and accurate investigations enabling executives, employers, management staff, and others within the workplace to make sound, informed decisions based on the results.

We carefully assess risk adverse situations and devise an investigative plan to alleviate the issues. Our extensive list of corporate services include:

               •        Pre - employee screening
               •        Workers Compensation (WSIB) Abuse
               •        Workplace violence
               •        Workplace Harassment
               •        Employee terminations and exit interviews
               •        Security risks and assessments Suspicious workplace activity
               •        Illegal substance use
               •        Bribery
               •        Undercover operations
               •        Ethics violations
               •        Breaches of company  policies
               •        Interoffice theft
               •        Accident Investigation
               •        Threats against the business
               •        Transportation security
               •        Discrete investigation of executives
               •        Criminal record checks
               •        Proprietary information theft
               •        Shareholder disputes
               •        Time Fraud
               •        Tracking devices
               •        Sub-contractor issues
               •        Executive counter-surveillance
               •        Internal/external theft and fraud
               •        Misappropriations
               •        General misconduct investigations
               •        Surveillance of valuable shipments
               •        Security guard reviews
               •        Inventory discrepancy Investigation

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